Your Q's Answered

Will my ceremony be legally binding?

My ceremonies are currently not legally recognised under the “Marriage Provisions Of Civil Registrations” so are purely ceremonial. When attending your appointment with the HSE (usually you need three months notice) you sign the legal register. This is usually done a few days before the ‘big day’ of your ceremony.

Do we have to get legally married?

No, some couples who are not intending to get legally married only want to have a ceremony to declare their love for and commitment to each other with family and friends. The choice s yours.

Where can I get married?

I can perform your ceremony in hotels that are HSE approved venues, private properties, gardens, beaches and woodlands with granted permission.

When can I get married?

Any day of your choice seven days a week, depending on availability.

What kind of ceremonies are available?

You can choose, religious, non religious, spiritual or otherwise.

Can we plan our ceremony from abroad?

Many couples who have emigrated like to return home to marry and others want to experience our wonderful country, culture, castles and hospitality. Through technology now it has never been easier to plan your big day. We can skype, face time and email to communicate at a time that suits you.